You can clearly see that this muscle is larger than a pencil , or a dime.
This doctor used this muscle for a crazy labia reconstruction surgery destroying my legs, and causing painful injures to my groin.
The nerve used to keep this muscle active, and alive was cut and never reattached. The muscle is now shriveled scar tissue placing pressure on nerves, and veins.

This surgery was the most painful surgery I have ever experienced. Prior to the surgery Doctor Gilbert convinced me that this was minor routine surgery. I learned after the surgery that this was a major surgery. I did not receive any pain medication for several hours, because the doctor was not available. The nurse said he did not request any pain medication on my chart. I had over eight hours of pain before I received some morphine. During my four-day hospital stay Doctor Gilbert never visited me, but instead sent some floor doctor on the third day. I drove to the hospital for this surgery, and had a tuff time driving myself home after being released which was a 16-hour out of state drive home.

He never explained that this surgery was major otherwise I would have not done this surgery, and would have not driven to the hospital. I believe I was butchered for profit with out concern for my safety, or outcome. This surgery has destroyed my legs, and groin. The coiled gracillis muscle in my groin does not have a nerve attached, and the blood supply is cut off from being kinked. The surgical recklessness that was done created permanent irreversible damage to my legs, and groin.