I have to now live with the pain & disfiguring voids in my legs, and the loss of my gracillis muscles.

Thanks doctor for destroying my legs, my gracillis muscles, my groin & causing me a life of pain!

Right Leg

The surgery              

Groin Damage    I have voids in my groin area from lack of the gracillis muscle. I decided to show only part of this to keep this web site clean.

Left Leg

The surgical procedure was not properly explained to me by Doctor Gilbert. Prior to the surgery Doctor Gilbert convinced me that the surgery was routine, and that he has performed this on other patents with great success. He explained that the gracillis muscle was a non necessary muscle in my legs the size of a pencil, and no larger than a dime which does not affect leg function, or appearance. He placed this muscle in a coil under the skin of my labia to build bulk. The results were completely the opposite from the intent. I feel that this doctor misrepresented himself using deception for the gain of profit to convince me to proceed with this surgery.

I now find that this muscle is used for lateral leg movement, leg fullness, and beauty. The muscle is natureís barrier protection for the groin, and keeps the legs together. Without this muscle you will have a void in the groin/legs, distortion to the buttock, and in my case including distortion to the labia. The medical dictionary defines this muscle as ďA abductor muscle with origin in the ramus of the pubis, with insertion to the shaft of the tibia, with nerve supply from the obturator nerve, and whose action adducts the thigh, flexes the knee, and rotates the leg medially.Ē

I recently learned from Doctor Gilbert that during surgery he cut the nerve supply to this muscle, and did not reattach it. When a nerve is cut from a muscle it will not flex, or function. As a result the muscle will shrivel up, and disappear. The cut nerve will grow into a ball at the end of the cut, forming a nerve scar or neuroma. A neuroma is what is causing me pain and causing an electrical feeling when pressure is applied to this area. Cutting this nerve has caused the muscle to shrivel up, and disappear from lack of use. An MRI was done proving this result.

The idea of using this muscle for this purpose is crazy. The muscle is in a coil, and is turning into shrived scar tissue that is strangling itself around other blood vessels, and nerves. This doctor turned my small barley seen problem into a large disfiguring, and painful problem. I have not yet found any other doctor that has used this muscle for this purpose, or even consider doing this to anyone. The muscle has been used in extreme accident cases to repair dysfunctional main muscles such as in the arm. This doctor used this muscle for what looks like an experimental reasons leaving me with disfigured legs, and groin.

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