This web site is designed for informational purposes and it is not intended to be an advertisement. The doctor has refused to send me my medical records, nor has he replied to a reason why. This makes it difficult to find treatment elsewhere, and in doing so requires a public forum of discussion. If anyone reading this information has an idea of how to correct my groin or leg injuries please let me know.
The Information presented on this website is considered the opinion of the injured party, and does not represent the views, or opinion of the web site host company.
The injured party is simply expressing her constitutional rights of free speech, and feels she was harmed by the conduct of the physician who caused the injuries.
The contents of this web site is the opinion of the injured party based on the injuries sustained, and information provided by the doctor.
I have been questioned by a number of people who sees my injuries while wearing shorts. They ask who did this? Why did they do this? How was this done? This web site make my ability to explain these injuries, and the above questions by showing them to this web site.

The injuries sustained from this physician are permanent therefore this web site will be permanent.